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SWIP - Deployment 2

Ice thickness measurements

Ice first appeared on November 3, 2009 and immediately was broken-up due to strong winds. Ice cover did not become fully established until November 6th and grew at a rate of 6.7 x 10-3 mm per hour until January 1, 2010. The ice reached a maximum thickness of 1.09 m on April 4th. Ice break-up began on May 15th and decayed at a rate of 10.0 x 10-3 mm per hour.

Total ice thickness measurements were compared against a modeled ice thickness curve that was based on freezing-degree-days below 0°C (Lebedev 1938). For the modeled ice thickness, initial growth corresponded nicely with the SWIP data but the overall thickness was overestimated. This was likely because the model did not take insulation by snow cover into account.

Lake bottom temperature

Although no temperature measurements were made at the air-water interface, bottom temperatures were measured by the SWIP. From October to November 2009, the SWIP bottom temperatures steadily decreased from 4°C in early October. Bottom temperatures dropped to the lowest value of 0.5°C on November 6th and reached a stable plateau of approximately 1.1°C on November 8th. This temperature was extremely stable until late April 2010 where a slow steady increase was observed.

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